Photo By Mark Weiss

Photo By Mark Weiss


Damiano Christian AKA the "New Rock Prince"  released his first EP So Aware after a rather musically productive summer. When not in the studio recording Damiano could be found on the stage as guest lead guitarist for the Randy Rhoads Remembered Tribute Concert paying homage to one of his biggest influences "Father" Randy Rhoads while shredding to Crazy Train for fans at The Palace Theatre in Stafford Springs alongside Brian Tichy and Rudy Sarzo. Damiano filmed his video release party at Lit Lounge NYC after a surprise announcement to fans on Reverbnation late one hot night in August . In September Damiano put together a So Aware Tour Set specifically for The Wounded Warrior Project where he played both covers and originals with his band to raise funds for American soldiers wounded in combat. A single release to the Euro market and later to Digital Stores across the USA has provided a sneak peak into his most recent music project. This teen musician is not kidding when he says "I barely sleep the music just seems to keep my mind rocking all night long"... An accomplished classically trained pianist prodigy turned modern performing artist who is self taught on the guitar Damiano loves to add high octaves,rock screams,honkey tonk keys with crescendo solos and virtuoso guitar shredding to every riff he plays.This new rock prince promises not to disappoint his fans whether he is taking the stage or putting out a new EP... rock ,punk-pop and pop rock music lovers are destined to find a sound they can get stoked about and truly enjoy. Damiano released his new EP Built in Good Value on 3/13/2017 & per fan request a full  digital album At Your Majesty's Pleasure on 8/1/2017.

Inducted into The Brotherhood of the guitar 2015

Damiano currently performs piano entertainer commercial music venue gigs, the Randy Rhoads lead guitar Tribute for  Ozzy America and tours with Sacred oath as  lead guitarist ,Keyboardist and RHYTHM vocalist;ratt Poison 80’s tribute lead vocalist,guitarist and keyboards,Rock of Ages Def Leppard Tribute As Lead Guitarist & Vocals and with Head Games FOREIGNER TrIbute As Lead Guitarist and Vocals.

Endorsements : Ernie Ball Artist

Ernie Ball Strings And Marshall Amps


INFLUENCES INCLUDE:  Randy Rhoads,(Randy Rhoads~Quiet Riot), Meatloaf,Beethoven,Bach,Prince,Elton John,Freddy Mercury,Queen, Jim Morrison,The Doors,Jim Steinman,Michael Crawford,Pavarotti,Andrea Boccelli,Eddie Van Halen,Van Halen,Ritchie Blackmore,Deep Purple,Rainbow,Jerry Lee Lewis,Elvis Presley,Russ Conway,Ritchie Valens, and Rachmaninov. Check out the Damiano Christian You Tube Channel:

 EP's : So Aware, A-Side She Loves You/B-Side Ballad 4 U, Built In Good Value, At Your Majesty's Pleasure, Spring Surprise Soon….(2019)….for piano aficionados..

Single :  The Way You Make Me Move